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5 of July, Friday

  • key Igor Bondarenko “From the Triad Of Health to the Pentagram of Health: five causes for all diseases”
  • key Brendan Ohara “Serious Fun With the Reflexes  …Focus on Moro. Bringing and Learning Calm”
  • Eva Maria Willner “Letting your inner light shine – from your heart, aligned, focused and capable of taking action”
  • Jane Thurnell-Read “Energy Mismatch – Correcting Allergies, Toxicity, Hormonal Imbalances, Virus Latency Problems And Much More”
  • Kardashova Svetlana “Resource techniques in kinesiology. Methods of increasing the client’s resource in the process of working with trauma in the session of kinesiologist”
  • key Terry Larder “Subtle Bodies – The World View.

6 of July, Saturday

  • Claire Hocking The Effect of Retained Early and Primitive Reflexes on Learning, Behaviour and Wellbeing”
  • Hans Joachim Pollin “New homoeopathy in the Kinesiology
  • Marco Rado The 5 pillars – kinesiology, posture and Chinese medicine
  • Francis Vieules “13 new postural regulation reflexes”
  • Tugolukova Liubov “Kinesiologist’s Principles of Working with Health Issues”
  • Francesca Simeon Roig “Spiritual liberations: codependences, slavery.”
  • key Lee Anne MacLeod “36 Hours – From Paralysed to Standing”. A true Story – Lee-Anne MacLeod”

7 of July, Sunday

  • Gunter Dobler “Biological-medical-kinesiology in natural healing practice“
  • key Wayne Topping “Balancing Quadriceps to Stabilize the Knee Joint”
  • Arik Xander “The Chiron Point.”
  • Geoffrey Leury “Joint anchor technique”
  • Grabarovskaya Lyudmila “Correction of psychoemotional stress in expectant mothers by means of kinesiology”
  • Irina Chobanu “Scientific research of effectiveness of kinesiology
  • Alexis Costello “Creative Leadership for Kinesiologists”
  • Maguaire John “The Emergency Modes – A quick way to find areas most needing balance”.



Excursions and fun

05.07.2019 – Gala dinner

06.07.2019 – Excursion around Moscow by bus at 7.00 pm

08.07.2019 – Excursion to Sergiev Posad – small city close to Moscow, famous for its churches

09.07.2019 – Excursion to Moscow Kremlin

11.07.2019-13.07.2019Visiting St.-Petersburg.

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