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Dear friends! Welcome to Moscow, the heart of Russia!

We are glad to offer you the following tours around Moscow and its environs. These tours introduce you to the unique history of Russia and give you a chance to see the treasures of Russian culture.

City tour, 6th of July.

5 hour tour, during which you will see some of the main highlights of the city.

They are Red Square and St.Basil’s cathedral , Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (the newly recreated largest cathedral of Moscow), the world famous Bolshoi theatre and KGB building, Novodevichy Convent ( one of the oldest in Moscow, the witness of many historical events), Novodevichy cemetery, the most privileged cemetery and  necropol, the resting place of statesmen and dignitaries, the fantastic panorama of the city from the highest hill by the Moscow University with the observation platform to see all of Moscow, the largest War memorial, panoramas of Kremlin.

This tour is combined with the tour of Moscow metro, the most beautiful and efficient in the world with stations decorated with frescoes, sculptures, mosaics and bronze chandeliers.  The stations are like palaces and each of the stations has its own individual style.

During this tour you cross the main streets and squares of Moscow.

It gives an excellent idea of the past and present life of the city that has absorbed the unique history of christianity, communism and democracy.  

Sergiev Possad, 8th of July.

The main highlight in the suburbs of Moscow is a medieval town Sergiev Possad (as known as Zagorsk under communism) 70 km north of the city. It is the main centre of the Russian Orthodox Christianity famous for the Trinity Sergiev monastery. It is a place of pilgrimage for millions of Russian believers. On the way to Sergiev Possad you cross a typical Russian landscape with boundless forests, fields and villages of wooden huts. It is a 5 hour tour, could be reached either by car or a train.

KREMLIN TOUR, 9 of July 2019.

Kremlin grounds tour takes you to the main cathedrals of Russia, where the tsars were crowned, married and laid to rest and the Palace of Patriarch, the head of the Russian Christian orthodox Church. You will see there ancient frescoes and icons, church relics, the largest Cannon in the world – the Tsar cannon, the largest Bell in the world – the Tsar Bell, Tsars’ palaces, and government buildings, where President  Putin works.  The tour takes 1 hour.

The Armoury Chamber is the treasury of the Russian tsars with the breathtaking collection of crown jewels, gifts of ambassadors, dresses of Tsars and highest clergy, church relics, armoury, world famous Faberge eggs, carriages. The collection ranks number 1 in Russia and is among the most unique in the world.

The tour takes 1,5 hours.

Enjoy your stay in Russia!

TOUR to Sankt-Petersburg

Please, order your tour by yourself

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DAY 1. 11.07.2019

Arrival to St. Petersburg at the Moscow railway station.

Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Early check in.


11:00 Excursion to the Hermitage. The Hermitage is one of the largest and most famous museums in the modern world. Empress Catherine II began collecting exhibits of the future museum by purchasing a collection of paintings by artists from the Dutch and Flemish painting schools in Berlin. Now the museum has about three million exhibits – from archaeological finds of the Neolithic period to the masterpieces of masters of Western European art. A separate exposition of the Hermitage can be considered the Imperial Palace itself, the interiors of which, created by the best masters of their time, amaze with their magnificence.


City tour. The excursion provides an opportunity to explore a significant part of the historical center of St. Petersburg, to see a lot of sights, which are symbols of the city – the ensemble of St. Isaac’s Square and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Senate Square with its Bronze Horseman and the buildings of the Senate and Synod, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Arrow of Vasilievsky Island, and Mikhailovsky Castle, the cruiser Aurora, the Winter Palace and the Palace Square ensemble. You will see unique in its beauty embankments of St. Petersburg and openwork bridges crossing the Neva river.

Transfer to the hotel.

DAY 2. 12.07.2019


10:00 Excursion to Peterhof on a meteor.

Visiting Peterhof today will open in almost all its magnificence: performed in the style of “mature baroque” the Grand Palace with its magnificent interiors and a collection of objects of applied art, located at its foot the famous Grand Cascade with the figure of Samson tearing the lion’s mouth, the palace “Marly “, Reflected in the mirrors of the ponds surrounding it, the palace” Monplaisir “, from which Peter observed the maneuvers of the young Russian fleet, the Hermitage pavilion, surrounded by a moat, so that no one would break the privacy of the imperator, numerous intricately arranged and richly decorated fountains, water cascades, grottoes, crackers and sculptures located on the slopes.


Return to the hotel.

Dinner in the restaurant “Troika” with the show program.

23:30 Night excursion on an individual boat on the rivers and canals with the bridges.

DAY 3 . 13.07.2019


08:30 Excursion to Pushkin. Catherine Palace and the Amber Room. Catherine Palace is recognized as a masterpiece of Russian baroque XIII century. It represents the amazing beauty and majesty of the ceremonial residence of the Russian monarchs. The construction of the palace began in 1717, and for almost 300 years it has been the main attraction of the Pushkin city and, along with the Catherine Park, occupies its central part.

Lunch at the «Korchma Salo» restaurant.

Excursion to the Russian Museum.

Transfer to the hotel.

The cost of the program in St. Petersburg per person
Double occupancy Extra charge for single occupancy
Hotel Golden Age 4 * 34800 rub. (547 USD)

125 USD

Included in the price:

  • Transport service according to the program
  • English speaking guide services
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Excursion service according to the program
  • Hotel accommodation 4 * with breakfast
  • Food according to the program

Additional charge:

  • Registration fee (~ 3 USD per person)
  • Audio guide (~ 5 USD per person)

The cost of train tickets Moscow – St. Petersburg  23:55 – 07:55

  • Coupe from 1 899 rubles.
  • MF from 6 312 rub

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