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Seminar will take place on 8th of July since 10:00 till 18:00.

Biokinesiology research has correlated ten Energy Centers (plexuses; chakras) to one of ten major components within the body: muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, fascia, synovial membranes, mucous linings, hormonal system, and meridians.

For example, the tailbone EC is associated with the nervous system and mental coordination. Its symptoms can include nerve degeneration, teeth pains from hot or cold foods, sciatica, twitching, hyperactivity, neuralgia; difficulty in drawing, comprehending, explaining, and putting things together; difficulty distinguishing left from right. An imbalance within the Spleen EC can be associated with symptoms as diverse as: cold extremities, poor blood circulation, skin irritation, dental plaque build-up, sore stiff joints, and various forms of arthritis. Sensitivities to colours and sounds, numerous allergies, leaky gut syndrome, malfunctioning of digestive valves… maybe Energy Center imbalance could be the cause. We will use emotions, foot reflexes, acupressure points, head massage and ear reflexes to balance these Energy Centers.

Pre-requisite: Any class in muscle testing.

Duration: 1 day