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Presentation: “From the Triad Of Health to the Pentagram of Health: five causes for all diseases”.

The key concept of Applied Kinesiolgy, The Triad of Health (structural, biochemical and emotional sides) nowadays require further evolving. Clinical practice and applied research have proven the priority of problems of the subconscious and biochemical imbalances in the development of structural conditions. Major classes of today’s biochemical problems, their causes and effects upon structural health are being discussed, with a special attention being paid to the today’s origin and mechanisms of toxic damage to organs and tissues. Main pathways for their prevention and treatment are going to be discussed, including metabolic therapy based on Kinesiology muscle test. With a research data, a novel concept is proposed that presumes five basic causes of all diseases instead of the three that have been considered up to now.

Medical Doctor, Professor of General and Clinical Biochemistry, Member of the European Federation of Parasitologists, Diplomate of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology (UK). Research interest: macrophage biochemistry, biochemistry of antiparasitic immunity, pathobiochemistry of the liver damage. Clinical interest: metabolic therapy for toxicity that is made specific for every patient by Applied Kinesiology muscle test. An author of over 60 research publications.