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Presentation: “Letting your inner light shine – from your heart, aligned, focused and capable of taking action”.

Am I aware of what is good & right for me? Of what nourishes and fulfills me?

Can I manifest this for myself and for the good of others?

Research shows that people who are happy and fulfilled, inspired and successful, use certain inner strategies to create their desires, longings and visions.

By working with these strategies, the techniques of Health Kinesiology and combining these with aspects of Buddhist Psychology, one has a wonderful coaching method which includes both Yin & Yang and our Male & Female sides.

This creates a resilient-being, centred and focused, able to deal with unforeseen events and disappointments that occour, without the need to resort to getting sick, or becoming bitter.

Founder and leader of the Meridianum Kinesiology Institut since 1998.

Health Kinesiology teacher and teacher trainer, Transformations-kinesiology educator, Meditation teacher and NLP Instructor

Co-owner of a delightful Seminarhaus in the Black Forest (Schenkenzell, southern Germany). For over 30 years Eva has worked with numerous Kinesiology directions and coaching techniques. Whether it be individual sessions, groups or trainings, her focus is to support people to be more aware of themselves, tuning in to there inner guide, and finding their own path. She is convinced that everyone can live to their full potential.