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Presentation: “Balancing Etheric Body Imbalances – The Key to resolving Chronic Conditions”.

In the Eastern Traditions, a human being has a Physical Body which is but one representation of the whole person, just the one that we can see, touch and feel. Thus, the Physical Body was only one of several other “Energetic Bodies”, the Etheric Body being the most strongly interfaced with the Physical Body. What is the role of the Etheric Body of Man, and how does it interface with the physical body of Man? And what role does the Etheric body play in our health and disease? What accounts for the fact that normally we heal after becoming “sick”, yet other times become “chronically ill”? And where does the information to “Heal” come from?

Dr.Charles T Krebs, a former Associate Professor, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, has published scientific papers & three books, the most recent is a field defining textbook,  Energetic Kinesiology. The Principles and Practice. Charles worked with Clinical Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Neurologists and other health professionals, to develop the Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols, a system of acupressure based techniques to address trauma, Hormonal Imbalance, Sports Performance and Immune conditions, as well as the LEAP Learning Protocols, an effective program for correction of Learning Difficulties