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Presentation: “Correction of psychoemotional stress in expectant mothers by means of kinesiology”

The report is devoted to the problem of correction of psycho-emotional stress in expectant mothers by means of kinesiology. Revealed the psychological and pedagogical aspect of prenatal culture developed as a cultural and historical experience of maintaining mental and emotional health of the pregnant woman, by means of regulations and prohibitions, for the formation of the system “mother-child” and responsible parenthood. The influence of birth and prenatal scenarios in expectant mothers on the psycho-emotional development of children is analyzed. The kinesiological tools for the correction of psycho-emotional stress in expectant mothers are described. The program is presented, models and technologies kinesiology remedial work for the removal of stress in mothers of waiting children. It is proved that psycho-pedagogical and kinesiological psychotherapy is effective in working with pregnant women and young families, to preserve the psycho-emotional health of mother and child, to support motherhood, forming a new image of parents responsible for the life, health, development of the child in the prenatal and early periods of life.

Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of preschool education APP SFU, educational psychologist, kinesiologist, instructor of international class in educational kinesiology, full member of the ” Interregional Association of professional kinesiologists»

Director of REC “Prenatal pedagogy, psychology and kinesiology”. Head of the master’s program, retraining and advanced training programs in Educational and psychotherapeutic kinesiology. Author of 4 monographs on prenatal culture, pedagogy and kinesiology.