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Presentation: “The Effect of Retained Early and Primitive Reflexes on Learning, Behaviour and Wellbeing”.

Claire will discuss her kinesiology research and the link between retained early and primitive reflexes and learning, behavioral and wellbeing concerns, including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, autism (ASD), mental health, and aging.  Many retained reflexes are the underlying cause of many areas of concerns and difficulties, including global developmental delay, autism and Asperger’s syndrome, hyperactivity, sensory dysfunction, dyslexia, speech difficulties, bed wetting, and poor memory, concentration, focus, coordination and posture. Claire will also discuss her experience with working with Alzheimer’s and dementia and stroke rehabilitation clients.

Claire is one of Australia’s leading Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym Consultant and the Director of the Whole Brain Learning Centre where she consults privately with all age groups.  Claire also works in schools, aged care facilities and health centers. Claire specializes in researching the link between retained primitive reflexes and learning, behavioral and wellbeing difficulties, and has taught her Retained Primitive Reflexes kinesiology workshops over 20 years.  Claire regularly presents her research and workshops at many national and international conferences.