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Presentation: “Kinesiologist’s Principles of Working with Health Issues”.

In their practice kinesiologists face some of the following issues:

  1. After the correction a client has a flare-up of a disease or some old chronic symptom;
  2. The problem disappears but then reoccurs later;

In my report I would like to put forward my own method of dealing with such issues.

We introduce technology of gentle kinesiological therapy and live comfortably through the results of corrections. And also you will know the way, how to treat the client of their disease using kinesiological diagnostics and attainments which kinesiologist manages, and look at the real ethiologue of disease, conditions and factors, which support it. In my report there is authors diagnostics of  primary, secondary or tertiary nature of client’s symptom/complex of symptoms, using basic kinesiological attainments. You also could see the demonstration of all this things. In kinesiologist’s professional work it is important to understand that we can help the client solve their physical problem together with them, that’s why it is important to inform them on this opportunity.

Endocrinologist, practice kinesiologist-psychologist, mother of 3 pretty children, official representer of Sylvia Marina’s methods in Russia (Transforming DNA, Return to Love), instructor of  Sylvia Marina’s (Australia) kinesiological method and trainer of instructors of Transforming DNA. Instructor of Formatting Brain, Reset and LEAP. The director of Center of practice psychology and kinesiology in Krasnodar (Russia).