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Presentation: “New homoeopathy in the Kinesiology”.

The integration of the work of Erich Körbler who founded the so called New Homoepathy. Erich Körbler was an Austrian Electric Engineer and he worked with the energy of lines and symbols. You can see, how to use symbols and lines on the body, for your kinesiology work. When you draw parallel lines with a pen on the body, the system gets in resonance and can change the energy. If  you hit your leg at the edge of the table. Take a pen, draw five parallel lines on the skin, the pain goes off. Be curious how it works for you.

Since 1987 I work with different Kinesiology methods in my practice. I had the opportunity to take lessons of most of the Kinesiologists which came in the 90`s to the IAK — Kirchzarten. Different methods like shamanic or systemic work flows into my work with clients and people I train.