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Presentation: “36 Hours – From Paralysed to Standing”. A true Story – Lee-Anne MacLeod”.

19 October 2005, a seizure, stopped my heart and breathing. When revived, I was fully paralysed down the left side of my body, and 30% down my right.

This is the true story of how my Brain Gym, Specialised Kinesiology NeuroK and active visualisation knowledge saved my life enabling me to stand unaided, within 36 hrs and walk freely within 42hrs. Inside of one week, I was back working full time in my Kinesiology clinic with minimal side effects.

Learn micro techniques I used in recovering and have since developed helping resolve brain damage, sensory issues, Floppy Baby Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Autism, Stroke from infants to elderly.

Lee-Anne MacLeod – IASK Board of Directors & President Australian Kinesiology Association. Specialist Level 6

As a Professional Ballerina, Lee-Anne’s deep appreciation of movement, energy and healing drew her to study Kinesiology, travelling the world learning from the Founders, since 1998.  Her expansive technical knowledge combined with 30 years of practical in situ research and her passion for innovation led Lee-Anne to develop NeuroK, (Neuro Kinesiology).

To date NeuroK has been taught exclusively to classes of specialist medical Doctors in Asia.  NeuroK is an integrative healing system that makes sense in any language and is applicable with all skill levels including students.