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Presentation: “Creative Leadership for Kinesiologists”.

We all agree that we need to raise awareness of SK work around the world. Yes, we can do this through more effective marketing. But more importantly, we do this by creating a culture of support, information sharing, and creativity that people want to be a part of. We can change the stories we tell ourselves about how things work and become leaders in a new way. Here are 5 ideas to change our field for the better, encourage new practitioners and support our growing tribe.

Alexis has been a Touch for Health instructor for over 11 years and is now an Instructor Trainer, teaching the next wave of teachers. As one of a small handful of SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) instructors in the world and the creator of the GEMS program, she travels internationally to speak about and teach these modalities to others. Publisher of the international journal KinesioGeek Magazine, she is striving to help other holistic practitioners succeed.

Canadian born, she moved in 2016 to Costa Rica with her family to live self-sufficiently in the jungle.