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Presentation: “Spiritual liberations: codependences, slavery.”

By experiences lived in our childhood or by genetic inheritances we generate patterns of behavior that affect our evolution and the fulfillment of our life purpose. These can be co-dependency, slavery, subjection, interfering energy fields, spiritual bonds, etc. that impede the development of our authority and evolutionary freedom.

These patterns can occur in anyone who is in contact with the addiction of another person, be it a family member, friend, partner or client who suffers from addiction. They are patterns of behavior, and dysfunctional thoughts that produce pain, and that are repeated in a compulsive way. We will see how to identify and eliminate them.

Francesca Simeón (1951) wife of Juan Carlos Monge for 33 years, kinesiologist, psychologist and acupuncturist, since the 90s, traditional chinese medicine 1988, Homeopathy 1989, faculty of three in one concepts 1999-2009, Professional Kinesiologist IKC 2009.

Both worked together in a project of training kinesiology and energetic therapies and founded the center Vida kinesiologia in Barcelona.  They wrote books and manuals. – Created the training of psychoenergetic kinesiology and behavior and human relations kinesuiology and taught courses in Russia, Siberia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hungary, Argentina, Japan. Organizers of the two International Congresses of Kinesiology in Spain 1998 IASK – 2012 IKC.