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Workshop will take place on 9 of July 10.00-18.00.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 very important muscles called the 5 Pillars, that control our posture. In Kinesiology we base our work on the Muscle-Organ relationship and there is an organ for each Meridian. Nevertheless, in TCM there are some organs that are not associated with any of the 12 Meridians, yet they are so important and special, that they are called “The Extraordinary Organs” and are strictly related to “The Extraordinary Meridians”.

One of these Extraordinary Organs is “The Bones”, which generates the 3 Cavities – Abdomen, Thorax and Head, that are the main structure to align to have an optimal posture.

There are some specific acupuncture points that directly effect the 5 Pillars muscles and consequently our posture.

Marco has more than 25 years of kinesiology experience. After training in Italy and the US, he started to develop his own classes, that he teaches in almost a dozen of countries.

He’s well known to be able to teach in a very simple way complex scientific and energetic topics.

He’s actually the IASK vice president.