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Presentation: “Serious Fun With the Reflexes  …Focus on Moro. Bringing and Learning Calm”.

This presentation provides a brief synopsis of the Primitive and Postural Reflexes (PPRs)  with a focus on the Moro Reflex and the ramifications when it is not integrated. One of the earliest Reflexes to emerge, Moro sets the platform for many of the other Reflexes to develop and integrate. Because the Moro causes great excitement in the body, producing a Flight/Fight/Freeze response, the intention of this aspect of Brendan’s work is to bring calm and a sense of knowing where I am in space, and my place in the world.

The time with Brendan will include information and techniques to assist the integration of the Moro.

There will be song and dance, so bring your sense of curiosity and Fun!

Brendan started his journey in Kinesiology in 1981. For the last twenty years he has travelled internationally teaching a movement programme which focuses on the integration of the Primitive and Postural Reflexes. In Australia he works extensively in the Early Childhood Sector introducing his programmes to the children through song and dance.