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Presentation: “Balancing Quadriceps to Stabilize the Knee Joint”.

As people get older there is a general weakening of the quadriceps muscles and increased knee problems. Researchers believe the muscle imbalances cause the knee dysfunction. In Touch for Health we used to test just the hip flexion aspects of the quadriceps function. A 2-handed test checks extension and picks up more imbalances but will often miss imbalances in the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and their tendons. Muscle test from Biokinesiology check all four quadriceps muscles and their tendons. We can balance them with biokinetic exercises, emotions, nutrients, and TFH-type correction

Wayne Topping Ph.D. is a New Zelander and former geology professor who now lives in England. Wayne became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1977. He is a faculty member of the International Kinesiology College, has founded and developed 23 classes in Wellness Kinesiology, and taught in 23 countries.