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Presentation: Biological-medical-kinesiology in natural healing practice“.

The number of complicated and inscrutable cases has increased steadily in recent years.      Out of the variety of symptoms that the patient offers, is it  to find the best therapeutic approach. Especially in such cases, the biological-medical-kinesiology© is an easily learned and safely applicable method for structuring the symptoms. It can show causal relationships and contribute to the development of effective therapeutic steps. In the therapeutic field, the Bio.- med.- Kinesiology© contributes to healing through, for example, the production of energy balance and the treatment of the conflict involved or through numerous of other corrections.

Günter Doble Year of birth 1951, German Heilpraktiker since 1978, author, Kinesiologgy since 1990 about 2000 hrs. Founder of the Bio-Med-Kinesiologie©, Educations: Iris- Diagnosis, Health Consultant (GGB), Lent Leader, NLP Practitioner, Systemic Therapy, Fire-Runner, Hypnosis, Craniosacral Therapy, AORT, Reincarnation Therapy, Quantum Healing, Regulation – Psychology by Prof. Lüscher