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Presentation: “The Emergency Modes – A quick way to find areas most needing balance”.

The Emergency modes provide a quick way to determine what areas a person most needs to have balanced. Used at the beginning of a session, these arm positions show if structural, biochemical, emotional and/or electrical corrections are needed.

These modes are more thorough and deeper than finger modes, which only work properly when something is in circuit. Emergency modes work in the clear and are commonly found out because most people are in some degree of an emergency state.

John will show you how to determine exactly what a person needs and how to balance them using this approach.

John Maguire is the founder and director of the Kinesiology Institute. He became certified in AK through Dr. George Goodheart and worked closely with Dr. John Thie. He conducted Russia’s first Touch for Health Instructor training in 1991. John is known for making complex material practical and easy to understand.