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Presentation: “13 new postural regulation reflexes”.

Approaching the posture through TFH and other conventional channels emphazes the static posture. The discovery of 13 new postural regulation reflexes allows a better handling of the dynamic posture. Each reflex gives biomechanical, emotional, cognitive and maybe, organic abilities. They all have a connection with some points on the governing vessel, the parietal suture and with a postural sensor.

Reintegrating these reflexes could be useful in many cases such as  dynamic posture enhancement, autism, ADD, increasing learning skills…

According to the harmlenness principle  « primum non nocere ». A Good kinesiology means nether transfert nor suppression

65 y.o., professional kinesiologist for 25 years. He has been taught by Dr John Thee, Gordon Stockes, Daniel Witheside, Richard Utt, Dr Bruce Dewe, Sheldon Deal… Creator of Adaptogenesis (1038 h training). Former vice-president of  the Posturology multidisciplinary Association.  Faithful to the Hippocrates harmlenness principle “primum non nocere”.